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NTRs Shakti Movie Review

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What is Shakti?
A typical big budget Telugu film with all the required masala and sometimes even extra masala to satisfy the fans without a cohesive script and an inconsistent plot.

Where is it set?
Egypt, Rajasthan, Kashmir, Haridwar, Hampi etc. the film is shot on various locales, one may ask why? The answer of course lies only with the director who looks like has taken the producer to a ride, very much like the character of heroine in the film.

Is it unintentionally hilarious?
It is. The entire Egypt sequences wherever they surface in the film are hilarious unintentional of course. However sequences involving peddha beta takes the cake. This is closely followed by the Rudra character of Jr NTR who fails to evoke the mythic qualities of a legendary warrior in his role and appears complete misfit. The climax.

How are the songs?
While some of the songs were good to hear on audio the placement of the songs in the film absolutely kill the interest of the viewer making them seem like restroom breaks even though Jr NTR tries his best to save them. Ileana repeats her moves once again. Premadesam Yuvarani was very well choreographed.

Any positives?
Jr NTR in the first half. Rich visuals with occasionally good background score.

We have a limit on the length of the review, so it would be futile exercise by us to limit it in few words.

Any lessons to take from it ?
A major lesson to be learnt is that its not the budge and grandeur that make a film its the story along with a good screenplay that make a film. Budget can bring the audience into theater initially but its the content and content only that will make the audience sit inside. We already had a Anaganaga O Dheerudu this year. Shakthi joins it.

Final conclusion
Meher Ramesh take a break, go on a world tour, watch more movies and copy efficiently. But do it at your expense, dont take the producers on the ride with you.

Rating: 2/5


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  1. satya says:

    Hero’s has to change thier look as per thier role.Story is good but presentation not

  2. RAVI says:

    NTR “OVERACTING” has damaged “SHAKTI”.His Acting has been a majorproblem for “producers&audience” to see

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