TFI Hits And Misses – Half Yearly Report

TFI Hits And Misses – Half Yearly Report

With the release of 180 the summer has officially ended and so has the first half of the year of Telugu cinema. We now look back at the films that released during the first half of the year and their fate at the box office.

The month of January means the festival season of Sankranthi. This Sankarnthi saw the release of three biggies in Parama Veeera Chakra, Mirapakai and Anaganaga O Dheerudu and a small film Golkonda High School.

Among them the fate of Parama Veera Chakra was sealed even before the release with Dasari Narayana Rao being the director. While people expected it to have low numbers the actual numbers the film put up were shocking even to the naysayer’s; the film ended being the greatest disaster ever in the history of Telugu films.

And the beneficiary of the disaster was Mirapakai which become the number one choice for the festive audience despite the mixed reviews. Anaganaga O Dheerudu opened well on Day 1 but couldn’t sustain at the ticket counter due to poor word of mouth. Finally Golkonda High School did well at selected theaters but only for few days.
Among the other films released in January the prominent films were Ala Modalaindi and Wanted. Ala Modalaindi went on to become the biggest surprise hit of the year making the lead pair of the film a household name. Wanted on the other hand bit the dust at box office.

Hits – Mirapakai, Ala Modalaindi
Flops – Wanted, Golkonda High School
Disasters – Anaganaga O Dheerudu
All Time Disasters – Parama Veera Chakra

February saw the release of the most controversial film of the year so far – Jai Bolo Telangana. The film released with lots of media hype but fell flat on its face immediately.

Gaganam finally hit the screens after a long delay but its run was cut short by the world cup. The film again did well in few places especially in the first two weeks.

The biggest successes of February however were two small films Premakavali and Aha Na Pellanta. While the former was the debut movie of actor Sai Kumar’s son Adi, the latter was Allari Naresh’s rip roaring comedy. Both the movies did well and completed 100 days run at the box office.

Another small film that created a noise critically was LBW. The film got good reviews and the word of mouth too was good but unfortunately lack of proper theaters and release meant that the film was out even before it could reach out to the public.

The biggest losers’ of the month were director Ram Gopal Varma’s satire on Telugu cinema industry Katha Screenplay Darshakatvam Appalraju and Erra Gulabilu directed by Gautam Menon. Both the films failed to excite the audience and the result was a washout at the box office. And no one even realized that Manchu Vishnu’s Vasthadu Na Raaju released.

Hits – Premakavali, Aha Na Pellanta
Average – Gaganam
Flops – Jai Bolo Telangana, LBW
Disasters – KSD Appalraju, Erra Gulabilu, Vasthadu Naa Raju

March was the worst hit month due to the world cup going on then. This meant very few films of interest released and even those which released has nothing much to show at he box office.

Managala and dubbed flick of Upendra Super opened the best among the released but couldn’t go beyond the opening.

Dongala Mutha an experimental film from RGV collected as much as it was made with. Raaj proved to be blot in the career of actor Sumanth who had just met with a critical response earlier the year with Golkonda High School. Chattam of Jagapathi Babu made half of what Dongala Mutha was made with.

Hits – none
Flops – Mangala, Super
Disasters – Raaj
All Time Disasters – Chattam, Dongala Mutha

The biggest month of year as far as release of biggies go. With the world cup coming to an end the audience were served with a biggie a week. Shakthi, Teenmaar, Mr. Perfect, Nenu Na Rakshasi made it to the cinemas in April.

Among the four big releases Mr. Perfect emerged the biggest hit and it still remains the biggest hit of the year so far. Critically the film was an average but the paying public didn’t bother about it.

The second best reviewed film of the season Teenmaar was the least grosser among the summer releases starring a top hero. The film opened with a big bang and then sunk faster than a Titanic. Spot dubbing, confused screenplay, lack of chemistry among the lead were the reasons cited by the people for the poor performance at the box office. Fans think otherwise.

And finally the most hyped film of the summer Shakthi was the biggest loser of the summer both critically and financially.

Nenu Na Rakshasi did hold well for few days in Hyderabad but couldn’t sustain anywhere else.

Blockbuster – Mr. Perfect
Super hit – none
Hits – none
Flops – none
Disasters – Teenmaar, Shakthi, Nenu Na Rakshasi

May saw the release of the years most well reviewed film so far 100% Love. The film attracted the youth and families in droves. However the director and the actress walked away with all the glory leaving the hero of the film behind. Yet it’s the hero who gets the credit of the hit in our industry so we have another ‘hit’ for the hero along the lines of his previous ‘hit’ Ye Maaya Cheesave.

Allari Naresh continued his success streak with Seema Tapakai.

But the surprise success of the month was a dubbed film Rangam starring Jeeva. People loved this political drama which came with no buzz and without a star in it. Music of the film too caught on post the release of the film which added to the success of the film.

Another dubbed film Vaishali got good word of mouth but didn’t show the expected number especially when the film was backed by the likes of Shankar and Dil Raju.

Veera another major release of the month was critically panned but the masses didn’t mind it which made the film break even in few places across the state. Overall the film was a flop.

Super Hit – 100% Love
Hit – none
Above Average – Seema Tapakai
Average – Rangam
Flop – Veera

The second most hyped film of the season Badrinath hit the screens this month. The film opened with scathing reviews and poor word of mouth. But the numbers pouring in so far suggest a different story altogether. The film is poised to become the biggest grosser of the hero in most of the areas beating his previous films. If this indeed turns out to be a flop this would become the highest grossing flop ever.

Vaadu Veedu was another major release in this month. The directorial credentials of Bala combined with superb marketing by the producers resulted in good opening for the film. But it had a fall after the weekend. If its holds well for another week or so it could be an average at box office.

The final release of the first half of the year 180 opened with very good collections over the week. With the word of mouth being not so good and the film being completely classy affair things don’t look bright for the film.

*Badrinath – biggest opener of the year so far and also the second highest grosser of the year so far

With 6 outright successful films and few averages, once again Telugu Film Industry has the highest success ratio for the first half of the year in India Film industry. That just shows how poor the film industry is faring overall.

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